“How thrilled I was one day to hear a little girl, with the pretty name of Victoire, say to her mother “Isaure is really lucky, her daddy does the best job in the world : he designs lovely paper”. I marvelled at her enchantment.

Creating a paper is just a spurt of unexpected, irrational intuition. But developing it means long hours of doubts and questioning, hard work and analysis in the endless quest for perfection. Will the dream paper be beautiful? Will the technique we have chosen give the sublime results we expect? Will it be used for wonderfully inventive designs?

Creating a paper is a fight against vulgarity. It takes a lot of determination to come to grips with the paper industry. Lastly, a love of detail, a thirst for perfection, and a frustrating search for excellence act as a driving force.

That is my alchemy for creating paper.”

Emeric Thibierge

Emeric Thibierge invented the trade of paper designer. As with textiles, this involves anticipating tastes and fashions, being receptive to sensations and expressing modern trends. Paper becomes a fashion accessory, a material with a creative and innovative potential.

Emeric Thibierge never leaves home without his little notebook. He sees paper as an accessory in its own right. He works the material, texture, colour palettes and design with the help of a team of engineers. Among its creations: Mineralis, Canevas, Cromático, Evanescent, Nantucket, and Dentelle.

This distinctive and unequalled paper springs from an anti-conformist spirit: Emeric Thibierge is an atypical figure in the paper world.

His approach borders on design and technique. He draws inspiration from fashion, but also from nature, his environment and his trips to Tokyo and New York. He never misses an event on architecture, a retrospective at the Galliera museum or an exhibition at the Natural History Museum or the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

He now owns a studio, inspired by the luxury business, to design papers for the greats in the paper world or more simply for a brand of perfume.